Keynote speakers



Dr Bruce Rumbold
Director, Palliative Care unit; senior lecturer, La Trobe University, Melbourne

Area of study: Health promoting palliative care

Brief profile: Dr Bruce Rumbold holds postgraduate qualifications in physics, pastoral care and health social science, and has published in all three fields. His longstanding interest in palliative care began with doctoral work in England in the mid-seventies, and has continued throughout palliative care's period of development in Australia. The health promoting model employed by the La Trobe University Palliative Care Unit, with its emphasis on social and spiritual care, is particularly congenial to his interests in community development, pastoral care, and spirituality.

Research interests
End-of-life care reform
Community capacity building around end of life concerns


Associate Professor Lois Surgenor

Lois is an Associate Professor in Psychological Medicine at the University of Otago, Christchurch. As a Clinical Psychologist, she also works in multiple medical settings including over a decade in haematology (Canterbury District Health Board). Lois conducts research in the diverse areas of life-shortening illnesses, brain injury and eating/weight disorders. She is on the Editorial Board of two international journals and regularly serves on professional and government practice guideline groups in New Zealand and Australia. Lois is a Trustee on the New Zealand Cancer Control Trust.