Day One

Screening for Distress - Dr James Brennan

Cancer Survivorship: Myth or Reality? - Dr Pam McGrath (no presentation available)

Shaking up the Living Well Programme: Development of Kia Ora e Te Iwi - Hazel Neser and Pauline Whareau

Concurrent Sessions

Group A

On the Cancer Journey... Don't Forget the Children - Penny Parsons

"CANcer Spring": All About Me - Debbie Mills-Henry (no presentation available)

The River - Te Awa: A Collaborative Psychosocial Tool for Adolescents and Young People with Cancer - Ellyn Profitt

Group B

Metacognitive Therapy for Anxiety in Cancer Patients and their Families - Kathryn Taylor

Creative Expressive Therapy: the Soul's Medicine - Charmaine Smit

Day Two

Adjustment to Cancer - Dr James Brennan

Liquefaction Holding Back Supportive Care Infrastructure: Psychosocial Spiritual Assessment and Referral Processes - Richard Egan

Travel-based Relocation: The New Zealand Experience - Dr Pam McGrath, Amy Munro

Implementing Supportive Care Guidance: from Plan to Practice - Jo Anson and Emma Hindson

Concurrent Sessions

Group A

"My Health Matters": A Guide to Managing your Treatment and a Record of your Care - Sarah Penno

Pushing the Possibilities: Consumers and Health Professionals Co-design Web Videos on Breast Cancer - Dr Chris Walsh

Cognitive Changes with Adjuvant Therapy for Breast Cancer - Dr Michael Jameson

Group B

Taking Survivorship Care Planning Forward in New Zealand - Jo Anson

From Survive to Thrive - Dr Kieren Faull

Compassionate Listening: Evolving Practice - Peter Kimble

Group C

The Speculum Bit is the Easy Bit, Eh? - Clare Mills

The Therapeutic Potential of Cancer Nursing in the Outpatient Setting - Jenny Cameron

"Nursing in Exile" Nurses' Grief: A Reflective Study - Madeleine Fiddes